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Thworp is a collective trio consisting of Santiago Leibson on piano, Shawn Lovato on bass, and Lesley Mok on drums. Using composition as a relational framework for improvisatory language, the group is guided by the theory of organized chaos--a process of self-assemblage that is arrived at through repetition and non-linearity. 

Santiago Leibson - piano

Shawn Lovato - bass

Lesley Mok - drums

The Owl Music Parlor. Brooklyn, NY.

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8:00 PM20:00

Nick Dunston: La Operación

Nick Dunston premieres La Operación, a multi-movement composition written for soprano voice, two alto saxophones, two double basses, and two percussionists. Inspired by the 1982 documentary of the same name by Ana María García, La Operaciónis an abstract interpretation of a historical phenomenon involving colorism in Puerto Rico, eugenics, medical malpractice, second-wave feminism, and American colonialism.

Stephanie Lamprea – Soprano voice
David Leon – Alto saxophone
Noah Becker – Alto saxophone
Nick Dunston – Double bass, composition
Ben Rolston – Double bass
Lesley Mok – Drum set, percussion
Stephen Boegehold – Drum set, percussion

Roulette Intermedium. Brooklyn, NY.

For tickets, please visit http://roulette.org/event/nick-dunston-la-operacion/

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